Webinar 2022:2 (the seventh social resilience webinar)

Gender, Crisis, Social Resilience

March 24, 14.15-16.00

Link: https://lu-se.zoom.us/j/69020345388?pwd=M2pCczFFbE5oa0N6NlpyVmpNV2Y1UT09


Cristian Norocel, Associate Senior Lecturer at the department for Gender Studies, Lund university.

Presenting on: Far Right Masculinities of Crises: Transnational Forms of Undermining Democratic Resilience.

Sara Kauko, Postdoctoral researcher at the department for Gender Studies, Lund University. 

Presenting on: “Business always but family first”: women’s entrepreneurialism, crisis, and resilience processes in Argentina.

Claudia Di Matteo, Doctoral Student at the School of Social Work, Lund university.

Presenting on: Social resilience of women’s organisations working with migrants in Sweden and Italy.

February 18, 2022

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