Crisis and Social Resilience Webinars Fall 2022

In fall 2022, the SCSC will continue the webinar series on Crisis and Social Resilience. The webinar series is the result of a collaboration between the SCSC and the Social Resilience Theme launched by the Faculty of Social Sciences at Lund University. The Social Resilience Theme is devoted to stimulating critical cross- and interdisciplinary research on resilience, theoretically, methodologically, and empirically. Social resilience and crises tend to be intimately intertwined with one another. With this webinar series, we welcome various audiences to participate in examining social resilience in crisis times as shaped in various contexts. 

Social resilience has been understood as the “ability of groups or communities to cope with external stresses and disturbances as a result of social, political and environmental change” (Adger 2000). The webinar series critically considers this approach as an entry to advance social sustainability research. The series thus sheds light on the ways in which a social science perspective on resilience distinguishes itself from other disciplinary understandings. That is, when is resilience ‘social’ and how do various disciplines render the notion meaningful? 

With the series, we wish to promote the development of critical scholarship and establish an interdisciplinary network of scholars interested in pursuing research on social resilience in crisis times. In 2 webinars in fall 2022 Swedish and international scholars will discuss crisis and social resilience in relation to the topics of Conflict and Law and Justice.

Please click on each webinar’s link to read the abstract and attend on Zoom. 

WEBINAR 2022:5 Conflict, Crisis, Social Resilience

Oct 27, 15.15-17.00


Erin McCandless, Scholar and Policy Advisor in Peacebuilding and Development. Research Associate in the Politics Department the University of Witwatersrand South Africa and the Institute for Development and Sustainability (IDOS) in Bonn, Germany.

Jesper Bjarnesen, Anthropologist and Senior Researcher at the Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala university, Sweden.

Sarah Anne Rennick, Political Scientist and Researcher at the Center for Advanced Middle East Studies, Lund university, Sweden.

Mo Hamza, Professor at the Division of Risk Management and Societal Safety, Lund university, Sweden. 


Helle Rydström, Professor at the department for Gender Studies, Lund university.

WEBINAR 2022:6 Law, Crisis, Social Resilience

December 15, 14.14-16.00


Vladislava Stoyanova, Senior Lecturer, Researcher and Coordinator for the Migration Law Research Network, Faculty of Law, Lund university,

Anne Dienelt, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute for International Affairs, Hamburg University.

Miia Halme-Tuomisaari, Legal Anthropologist and Senior Lecturer in Human Rights Studies, Lund university.


Carlo Nicoli Aldini, Doctoral Student at the Department of Sociology of Law, Lund university.

October 5, 2022

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