Special Issue on Critical Explorations of Crisis: Politics, Precariousness, and Potentialities

Enjoy this double special issue on crisis published by Global Discourse!

Volume 12 (2022), Issue 3-4 (Sep 2022):

Special Issue:

Critical Explorations of Crisis: Politics, Precariousness, and Potentialities’.

Guest Edited by:
Helle Rydstrom, Mo Hamza, Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen and Vanja Berggren.


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Table of Contents:
-Gammeltoft-Hansen, Thomas, Helle Rydstrom, Mo Hamza, and Vanja Berggren: “Introduction; Crisis: Critical and Interdisciplinary Perspectives”.
-Fassin, Didier: “Preface: Crisis as Experience and Politics”.
-Bergman-Rosamond, Annika, Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen, Mo Hamza, Jeff Hearn, Vasna Ramasar, and Helle Rydstrom: “The Case for Interdisciplinary Crisis Studies”.
-Zetter, Roger: “Refugee Crises – An Architype for Crisis Studies”.
-Walby, Sylvia: “Crisis and Society: Developing the Theory of Crisis in the Context of Covid”.
-Gottfried, Heidi: “Crisis and Change: The Politics of Potentialities (Reply to Walby)”.
-Vigh, Henrik: “Slow Crisis: Critical Continuities in Bissau and Beyond”.
-Nyberg Sørensen, Ninna: “Crisis as ‘Slow’ or an Existential State of Being (Reply to Vigh)”.
-Rydstrom, Helle: “The ‘Hardship’ of Ordinary Crises: Gendered Precariousness and Horizons of Coping in Vietnam’s Industrial Zones”.
-London, Jonathan D.: “Social Reproduction Meets the World Market (Reply to Rydstrom)”.
-Hearn, Jeff: “The Place and Potential of Crisis/Crises in Critical Studies on Men and Masculinities”.
-Norocel, Ov Cristian: “The Conceptual Imbrications of Men, Masculinities, and Crises (Reply to Hearn)”.
-Jensen, Steffen and Nanna Schneidermann: “Surviving in Overcome Heights: Living In and Alongside Crisis in Cape Town”.
-Bjarnesen, Jesper: “The Politics of Urban Displacement and Emplacement in Overcome Heights (Reply to Jensen and Schneidermann)”.
-Zhukova, Ekatherina: “Chronic Crisis and Nuclear Disaster Humanitarianism: Recuperation of Chernobyl and Fukushima Children in Italy”.
-Fechter, Anne-Meike: “Humanitarianism, Mobility and Kinship (Reply to Zhukova)”.
-Kaur, Ravinder: “Crisis Futures: Covid-19 and the Speculative Turning Point of History”.
-Bonde Thylstrup, Nanna: “Crisis Times (Reply to Kaur)”.
-Andersson, Fredrik N. G.: “Macroeconomic Equilibriums, Crises and Fiscal Policy”.
-Hansen, Henrik: “On Fiscal Rules, GDP Forecasts, and Prediction of Economic Crises (Reply to Andersson)”.
-Roitman, Janet: “The Ends of Perpetual Crisis”.
-Kjaerum, Morten: “A Decisive Moment: Human Rights or Authoritarianism, It’s a Choice (Policy Article)”.

June 28, 2022

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